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What we believe in
Education - Empowerment - Eradication

Who we are

A Voice in the Wilderness Empowerment Center is an IRS recognized 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. We are committed to educating, empowering, and eradicating the epidemics that have plagued Florida.
We are restoring individuals, veterans, children and families who have fallen through the cracks. Many are experiencing addiction, exploitation, homelessness, and are TRAPPED in the Trenches.


What we do

A Voice in the Wilderness Empowerment Center is a trailblazing grassroots organization that provides emergency temporary shelter and life saving support services throughout South and Southwest Florida. In addition, A Voice in the Wilderness Empowerment Center is the only community-based organization that trains individuals and distributes Narcan free of charge to those who are at risk of overdosing.


Community Impact

Federal bill would make opioids 'last resort' prescription
Fox 4 News

A bill working its way through Congress would make encourage doctors to prescribe opioids as a 'last resort' for pain management.

'Our Lady of the Streets' works the front line of Florida's opioid crisis
USA Today

In the medical world it's called harm reduction; the first line of opioid defense. With money from Gov. Rick Scott’s opioid emergency declaration last year, Voice In the Wilderness is among several groups making Narcan easier to get in Southwest Florida.

Getting to recovery: When an opioid addict was ready, the detox beds in Southwest Florida were not
News Press

"I want to go to detox." It was the text message the case worker had been hoping for. But when it came, she couldn't help.

Support our programs.
The TRAPPED Emergency Relief Fund (TERF) is used to provide emergency shelter, transportation, food and other basic needs to community members in need. Your generous donation will help us continue providing free life-saving services.
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