Our work
Our Work


Operation MH7
Since 2005, A Voice in the Wilderness Empowerment Center has effectively recovered, assisted, and served those TRAPPED in the TRENCHES. Operation MH7 is the culmination of our efforts. Although those we serve are predominately women and children, men are not exempt.

While both approaches are necessary, we don’t do “outreach.” Outreach is a job to bring awareness, and happens from 9AM-5PM. We work during the most critical hours: what we call “Trench Work.” Trench work is a calling to bring change NOW.
TRAPPED in the Trenches
Identifying and recovering those who have fallen through the cracks became TRAPPED and INVISIBLE due to but not limited to addiction, homelessness, abuse, exploitation, untreated mental health diagnosis, and Human trafficking.
Stay Alive and Thrive: Health Inspired Victory Initiative
Stay Alive, and Thrive-Health Inspired Victory Initiative and Outreaches was created and implemented to bring critical health services to at-risk communities. Stay Alive removes the stigma and fears by mobilizing preventive health services. AVITWEC was issued a CLIA Waiver to provide free and confidential testing for HIV, Hepatitis C and other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) in at-risk neighborhoods and communities. AVITWEC also provides free condoms and lubricants to those who are sexually active. Unlike the “traditional condom trail,” Ms. Miller goes into the local hotels,  motels, runaway bunkers, and even abandoned houses to distribute condoms.
Community Narcan Response Team
Opioid and heroin overdose prevention, training, and Narcan kit distribution.
If you or someone that you know is at risk of overdosing, feel free to call us at (239) 810-6648.
Support our programs.
The TRAPPED Emergency Relief Fund (TERF) is used to provide emergency shelter, transportation, food and other basic needs to community members in need. Your generous donation will help us continue providing free life-saving services.
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